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anchor grab bars

Anchor Grab Bars are a new concept in grab bars that come with a lifetime guarantee. The bars come in multiple colors and are warm to the touch. We can provide multiple sizes for bathroom and shower use.

We are pleased to announce our new grab bars featuring SANIGUARD® antimicrobial product protection. SANIGUARD® treated products utilize a patented silver ion technology to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, fungi and mildew that can cause odors, staining and product deterioration. The SANIGUARD® treatment is designed to protect the product itself. It is not a disinfectant and will not protect users or others against food-borne or disease causing bacteria. Users should continue to follow proper hygienic and sanitizing procedures.

All grab bars have twist lock concealed flanges to assure secure and tamper resistant bar mounting. All grab bars are 1-1/4” or 1-1/2“ diameter. Anchor's direct fastening assures the bar cannot separate from the flange. Anchor Grab Bars are all steel construction A.S.T.M. #613, type “L” cold rolled welded steel, rolled tubing is 18-gauge steel, the flange is 12-gauge steel, and the base flange is mounted with 1/4 x 20 stainless steel bolt to the grab bar. The rosette is a twist lock to seal tight to the flange. Anchor Grab Bars have a load capacity of 550 lbs. The coating of the Anchor Grab Bar is a three-coat application. The first coat is a special epoxy base coat for maximum adhesion and rust resistance. The second coat is a co-polymer resin with superior adhesion and tough impact resistance. The third coat is a co-polymer resin with a specified color throughout (white and beige are the base colors), and has an easy grip with textured or smooth surface. All grab bars are tested against most solvents and cleaners normally used in hospitals and nursing homes. All grab bars with coating are tested for durability of at least 1000 hours of salt spray. All grab bars have a life time warranty. All grab bars meet or exceed HUD, FHA, VA, ADA, and other Federal and Local codes.

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