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medcare ceiling lifts

The Complete Lift, Position and Transfer System

Affixed to a track system so they are always there, Medcare Ceiling Lifts provide a safe, smooth and effortless ride for patients and residents. To the bedroom, bathroom or even to the pool, the possibilities of track placement are endless. Designed with a full set of standard features, it can be safely operated by a single caregiver. Battery operated technology eliminates the restrictions and dangers of lifts powered by an electrical connecting cable. These will lift up to a maximum of 1000 lbs., allowing flexibility in the type of patient or resident that can be transferred. Dramatically reducing and eliminating caregiver injuries resulting from the handling of patients and residents, Medcare Ceiling Lifts are the perfect solution for multi-care settings.

The Medcare Portable Ceiling Lift can be easily moved from one track location to another. It has been designed with a full set of standard features and can be operated safely by a single caregiver. Lightweight and easy to hold and carry, and capable of lifting up to 425 lbs, this lift is ideal for multi-room settings.

Scale Option

Medcare's scale option, available on all ceiling lifts, provides a quick, efficient means of transferring and weighing residents in one easy step. The scale display is mounted above the 4-point hanger bar so that caregivers can easily read and record a resident's weight.

  • No need for a separate scale
  • Weigh residents as they are transferred
  • Increase staff productivity by eliminating additional transfers

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