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rescue sheet

The Evac+Chair Rescue Sheet is kept in position under the mattress with strong elastic corner straps. Daily bed making is as normal. If a fire should occur, the webbing straps are removed from their pockets and quickly done up around the patient. The mattress and the patient are then lowered onto the floor for very fast and safe evacuation, without staff having to carry them. By using the Rescue Sheet, the patient is protected by their mattress and they can be easily taken down stairs to safety, if necessary. After evacuation, the patient can be left still ‘cocooned’ in the Rescue Sheet and this is helpful with patients who are liable to wander. Note: The ‘cross’ straps are sewn across the full width of the rescue sheet to provide extra security in case the strong nylon material should tear on a rough surface, i.e. driveways, roads, etc. All staff should have regular fire drills, so that in an emergency they are familiar with evacuation procedures.

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